On a mission to deepen human connections, Upmood has formulated emotion-tracking technology to measure biometric patterns of the heart to track, monitor and quantify your emotions.

Collagen Self Spa

Maintaining body, beauty and confidence. Developed in Japan, it combines red light with yoga which allows the technology to rejuvenate the skin and yoga to elevate the mind. With red light therapy and collagen lotion, we aim to bring inner and outer beauty to our participants. 

Aroma Breath Work

Using essential oil as an enhancement to breathwork practices. Class participants will get to learn about the application of oils as well as their functions and benefits. Aroma Breathwork modules include vapor observation, yoga therapy, and meditation + visualization + breathwork.

Crystals and Meditation

Utilizing the energy and psychological benefits of crystals to make meditation a lot more fun and engaging. Participants will learn about crystals, meditation methodology, meaning of meditation and tools used for meditation. Crystal and meditation modules are also categorized into the 7 chakras, love, health, wealth and career, and mala beads.

Singing Bowl Vibration

Through Singing Bowl, we tuned our mind and body to have a better alignment to the world. Those who are having troubles sleeping, having conflicting frequency and messy subconsciousness will have a singing bowl assisted resting experience, frequency healing, and experimental experiences. Participants could expect three modules such as body scan, meditation + breathing, and power nap. 


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